Elder Maltreatment Alliance

About Us

Elder Maltreatment Alliance (EMA) is comprised of Northern Kentucky professionals and community members who have a strong desire to eliminate elder abuse. The mission of EMA is to coordinate a community wide cooperative response to the ethical concerns regarding at-risk older adults, while enhancing supports and education to providers. Monthly meetings are open to anyone interested in advocating for prevention of elder abuse. For mor information, please contact at 859.283.1885.

In Northern Kentucky, community non-profit organizations EMA and the sister organization SARAH (Sheltering, Advocating, Removing, and Housing), seek to assist vulnerable older adults by offering emergency, temporary shelter from the abusive situation. Since its inception, SARAH has assisted 55 seniors with services necessary for their safety.

While our communities continue to be shocked and dismayed by the realities of elder maltreatment, EMA and SARAH help to bring awareness and education of this problem to the public and provide practical solutions and vital services for the older adults in our area who need help and support.

Recent estimates indicate 1 person in 10 will experience age related maltreatment; physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. Older adults who are mistreated often feel powerless to help themselves. Experts believe that for every case of elder abuse or neglect that is reported, as many as 23.5 cases go unreported.

Frequently, people who suspect abuse choose not to get involved or report it because they think it is "none of my business." The law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky says it is our business. Kentucky is a mandatory reporting state. If you suspect elder abuse, you are legally required to report it. You can report abuse at the 24 hour toll free hotline 800.752.6200, calls can be made anonymously.

Want to be part of the solution to help at-risk older adults in Northern Kentucky? Consider donating to SARAH. You can do so by sending your donation to SARAH c/o NKADD 22 Spiral Drive Florence, KY 41042 Attn: Heather Hopton.