Elder Maltreatment Alliance


Physical Abuse
  • Inadequately explained fractures, bruises, welts, cuts, sores & burns
  • Untreated pressure "bed" sores
  • Lack of basic hygiene
  • Lack of adequate food
  • Lack of medical aids (glasses, walker, teeth, hearing aid, medications)
  • Lack of clean appropriate clothing
  • Demented person left unattended
  • Bed bound person left without care
  • Home cluttered, filthy, in disrepair, or having fire & safety hazards
  • Home without adequate facilities (stove, refrigerator, heat, cooling, working plumbing and electricity)
  • Hoarding
Financial Abuse
  • Lack of amenities victim could afford
  • Elder "voluntarily" giving inappropriate financial reimbursement for needed care and companionship
  • Caretaker "living off" elder
  • Elder has signed property transfers (Power of Attorney, new will, etc.) when unable to comprehend the information
  • Sudden change in finances and accounts
Psychological Abuse
  • Caregiver isolates elder (doesn’t let anyone into the home or speak to the elder)
  • Caregiver is aggressive, controlling, addicted or uncaring